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Besties-4-Ever Blender Pack

Besties-4-Ever Blender Pack
Besties-4-Ever Blender Pack
Besties-4-Ever Blender Pack
Besties-4-Ever Blender Pack
Besties-4-Ever Blender Pack
Description Bacteria fighting power x 4! Struggling to choose between Violet or Helio? Build you...
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Bacteria fighting power x 4!

Struggling to choose between Violet or Helio? Build your own pack of 4 blenders and experience the best of both worlds. Regardless, they will be the last makeup blenders you ever use. These bouncy blenders are the most thoughtfully designed pieces of foam ever. They keep your skin cleaner and prettier by preventing bacteria growth throughout. The cloud-like texture sets your makeup in the softest, most effortless way while also preserving your costly creams, liquids and powders. 

Features include:

Your choice of any combination of 4 UVé blenders

• Up to 99% bacteria-free for less breakouts and clearer skin

 Mold resistant because mold shouldn’t be on your face

• Unique formula delivers better coverage, wastes less product and saves you $$

 Superior softness for an ultra-soothing application experience

 Vegan and cruelty-free because animals are awesome

 Non-latex material for sensitive skin

• Safe, Non-toxic dyes some excess may shed at first

Helio - Standard and multi-edged blender for versatile blending options

• Violet Standard blender for versatile blending options

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Liana Jabs
A great beauty blender for real!

I had never understood what a beauty blender really could do until Uvé. So soft, bouncy, beautiful color, and overall quality. Thank you for giving me the best of the best!

Vita Shimanskaya
Really nice blender

I ordered a pack of 4 as an alternative to Beauty blenders and I absolutely love it. The sponges are soft like velvet, easy to clean and I love the colour too. I used to buy pink beauty blenders and they fall apart so fast, the black ones last forever but there are not as soft. This sponge feels great and it applies any type of foundation nicely. I hope they last long and don’t crumble.

Tessie Olson
Great application

I could definitely tell the quality and difference of these blenders from others I have used. I have sensitive skin and definitely try to make sure I clean my sponges regularly. Great quality and helps my make up to go on smooth without caking at all.


I read a ton of great reviews for UVe blenders, but tbh, I'm not impressed. I've only been using mine for a few days, so I'll keep trying, but let's just say what takes 1 pump of foundation with my old beauty blender or my finger takes about 3 to get the same coverage with the UVe blender. I don't know if it's just soaking up all my product or if it's not compatible with medium-coverage foundation, but it really looks like I have no makeup on when I use this blender. I'll try wetting it first next time, but I don't always want a dewy finish. #disappointed

Hi Rebekah! Thank you for your commentsWe wished that you could have had a better experience. Usually we only hear the opposite where product isn't absorbed as much with our blenders! May we ask what foundation you used in particular? We'd like to see where we can improve for all kinds of foundations. We are still new, but doesn't mean we don't want to get it right for all types! Aside from the amount of product you used, did you enjoy the application?

Kayla Rodak
Best makeup sponge I've ever used!

I obviously bought this for the antimicrobial benefit, but I wasn't expecting to be blown away by the difference in my makeup application. I feel like this blender doesn't soak up any of the makeup. It gives me the smoothest application ever. I feel much better using this on my skin without worrying about what nasty stuff could be growing inside my blender. It's also incredibly soft and really easy to clean. I'm never going back to my old blenders!

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