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UVé affiliates earn money by promoting our products. If you love our brush sterilizers and how we're changing beauty at the speed of light, simply tell your audience. If this sounds like you then becoming a UVé affiliate could be a perfect fit.


You're giving tips, tricks and sharing your favorite products. Your audience is actively engaged in your posts, likes, and mentions.


Do you blog or vlog? Are you creating unique content and sharing new beauty products with your followers and fans?


This is all the internet geniuses out there that know exactly how to drive traffic, create sales funnels and more.

How it works

Sign up

When you join and are approved you’ll get access to the banners, links and coupon codes immediately. Have a giant following and need unique promos? Let us know.

Share your content

Use your creativity to write articles, create unique videos or vlogs, shoot amazing photos showcasing how you use our beauty products.

Start earning

Every time someone places an order using a link in your content or social media, you'll earn a percentage of the product purchase price (after any coupons).

Ways to share

Create a link

Share a short link to your favorite UVé makeup brush sterilizer or just our home page.

Just use your unique affiliate link to track commissions.

Share on social media

Do your thing! Share pictures or videos of you with your favorite UVé makeup brush sterilizer on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook and more.

Let your audience know how much you love our products, give them a coupon code and earn money! Just use your unique affiliate link or coupon code to track commissions.

Build a landing page

Create a landing page on your website or blog with your own content, images or videos.

You can use images from our affiliate program or take your own. Just use your unique affiliate link to track commissions.

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