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UVé Makeup Bag

UVé Makeup Bag
UVé Makeup Bag
UVé Makeup Bag
Description It’s beauty on the go with this makeup bag! Designed to be transparent, this bag mak...
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It’s beauty on the go with this makeup bag! Designed to be transparent, this bag makes it even easier to find all your products-- no more digging around blindly! Made to last with durable PVC and is vegan and cruelty-free, of course.

Pro tip: Select our “Go Green” option at checkout and you can get this bag included with most bundle purchases for as little as $5.

Features include:

• Iridescent color that is really, just fun to look at

• Transparent so you can see your goodies

• Vegan and Cruelty-Free because animals are awesome

• Enough room for all your brushes, sponges and makeup

• Made to last with durable PVC

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I love using mine!

These are the best foundation blenders I have ever used! I love the size, it’s a perfect fit in my hands to get all of my foundation blended out perfectly. It doesn’t soak up all of my makeup either, allowing my makeup it sit well on my face. If your looking for a new blender this one here is a wonderful investment! You can thank me later! I love mine!

Ashley Mace
UVe beauty bag

Very fashionable and fun! I love that it appears small in size but actually has quite a large capacity. This is great for travel purposes, as the holographic exterior shade is also transparent.

Anjali Kumari
Sparkly makeup bag

I like the look of my uve makeup bag. It is transparent and shining like prism. It is big enough to fit many products and small enough to fit in tote bag. It came with super soft blender.


Literally I use this makeup bag whenever I'm on the go and it holds so much! I add my brushes, blenders, and makeup products and it's so compact. The material is thick as well so you're definitely getting the bang for your buck.

Juana Jensen
Perfect for all things

Honestly, it works as an evening bag. Not fancy but looks different and stands out. Good price for this bag. Totally happy.

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