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I love the way my foundation glides on now. I feel like I use less product and it looks more natural on my face.

A great beauty blender for real!

I had never understood what a beauty blender really could do until Uvé. So soft, bouncy, beautiful color, and overall quality. Thank you for giving me the best of the best!

Good idea!

I think it's a great idea making brushes and blenders all germ free which is why I got them in the first place! Way less to worry about and I like that! Haha

Blenders 3 Pack
Anisha Patel
Love it!!

I’ve tried so many beauty blenders over the years and this one is by far the cleanest and easy to use! Blends just as well as the BeutyBlender and comes in the cutest colors. Will be reordering!

I LOVE this blender!!!

This blender is so soft and blends amazingly . I can do my makeup in no time with this sponge. There is literally no reason to use a brush for your foundation, contour, or concealer blending!

Helio - Antimicrobial Blender


Love it!!! Beautiful texture!!

So far, so good!!

I have just started using the uve sponge and so far I’m loving it! I usually use the real techniques sponge, but I have been loving this one as well!

I really like it!

Got the blender and brush set. Brushes are way softer than I thought they would be and blend well. The blender is also nice and soft but slightly small. I’ve been breaking out less since using these. A great price for the set too.

Blenders 3 Pack
Annur Widener
love it

best blender i’ve ever had works like a charm

nice blender

I was very happy with my UVE makeup blender, it was soft and easy to clean

Blenders 3 Pack
Carlee Quadri

This TRULY doesn’t waste any product and gave my skin a silky smooth finish. Never going back to any other brand!

Really nice blender

I ordered a pack of 4 as an alternative to Beauty blenders and I absolutely love it. The sponges are soft like velvet, easy to clean and I love the colour too. I used to buy pink beauty blenders and they fall apart so fast, the black ones last forever but there are not as soft. This sponge feels great and it applies any type of foundation nicely. I hope they last long and don’t crumble.


I’m so glad I purchased these brushes they are sooooo incredibly soft and fluffy. The eyeshadow brushes are my favorite for really blending in your eyeshadow. I 100% recommend!!!

Super soft

I have tried out a lot of different blenders, and my favorite has always been the beauty blender. I didn’t like how the beauty blender grew mold super easily, but nothing else was quite as soft. The splendor is even softer and blends my foundation just as good as the beauty blender!

Doesn't waste makeup!

I really love this beauty blender because it really does not soak up all my foundation versus other beauty blenders. My makeup goes on smoothly !

Great Blender!!

It came rather quickly, and in super cute packaging! It’s fairly easy to clean and rather absorbent, and feels really nice to the touch. Super easy to use — very much worth the bang for your buck!

Best blender for body makeup

I've always used body makeup to make my legs look longer and give them that sexy glow. Decided to buy Sunshine and OMG I will never go back to using any other blender besides UVe. 10/10 would recommend.

Great application

I could definitely tell the quality and difference of these blenders from others I have used. I have sensitive skin and definitely try to make sure I clean my sponges regularly. Great quality and helps my make up to go on smooth without caking at all.


I read a ton of great reviews for UVe blenders, but tbh, I'm not impressed. I've only been using mine for a few days, so I'll keep trying, but let's just say what takes 1 pump of foundation with my old beauty blender or my finger takes about 3 to get the same coverage with the UVe blender. I don't know if it's just soaking up all my product or if it's not compatible with medium-coverage foundation, but it really looks like I have no makeup on when I use this blender. I'll try wetting it first next time, but I don't always want a dewy finish. #disappointed

Hi Rebekah! Thank you for your commentsWe wished that you could have had a better experience. Usually we only hear the opposite where product isn't absorbed as much with our blenders! May we ask what foundation you used in particular? We'd like to see where we can improve for all kinds of foundations. We are still new, but doesn't mean we don't want to get it right for all types! Aside from the amount of product you used, did you enjoy the application?

Best makeup sponge I've ever used!

I obviously bought this for the antimicrobial benefit, but I wasn't expecting to be blown away by the difference in my makeup application. I feel like this blender doesn't soak up any of the makeup. It gives me the smoothest application ever. I feel much better using this on my skin without worrying about what nasty stuff could be growing inside my blender. It's also incredibly soft and really easy to clean. I'm never going back to my old blenders!

Love this!!

Best makeup applicator I have owned! And I love that it dosen’t hold bacteria

Love these

I use the blenders and brushes every day for work and so far I’m loving them. The black mold on a blender freaks me out so I’m happy these are anti microbial. I hope this helps my skin. They feel really good too. Good quality


I’ve tried sooo many different kinds of beauty blenders and saw this on my Instagram feed one day and decided to try it out - truly such a great product, seamless outcome and I’ve suggested it to so many other people as well!


Totally love the soft feel of this blender I’m so in love with it! I highly recommend and it blends so well. Very happy with my purchase, this is coming from someone who only used to
beauty blender brand

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