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These brushes are great!

I love how soft the bristles are. Perfect for applying makeup. Plus I love that they are made from antimicrobial material!


Saw this on Instagram and thought I’d try and boy howdy ! Love this sponge !!! So happy with this!! Thank you UVE!!!😍

Glam Babe Bundle
Melissa Mondoro

Glam Babe Bundle

Love this blender!!

I've been using this blender for a couple of months and it's SO much better than the beauty blender! It's very soft and great for applying makeup. It's very easy to clean, the makeup comes right off, and it doesn't get moldy. I highly recommend it!

Amazing product♥️♥️ RECOMMEND MUST TRY♥️♥️😻😻

This blenders are amazing. They saved my skin from breakouts!!!! They are actually work.. give some time!!! Love them♥️♥️


Amazing products and have such a peace knowing I’m not putting moldy sponges on my face anymore 🙌🏼☺️😍

Glam Babe Bundle
jeffrey pierce
10 Stars

I bought these for my girlfriend who’s a professional makeup artist and she loves them. So I guess I’ll be purchasing more

Helio Antimicrobial Blender
Lauren O'Danavich

Helio - Antimicrobial Blender


This is hands-down the best makeup brush set I've ever used. You'll have all your bases covered with the wide variety of brush styles and the fact that these are antimicrobial is the icing on the cake. I feel like I've had fewer breakouts since I switched to UVE brushes which is why I've now repurchased a backup set for myself, and gifted UVE brushes to a few of my friends and family. I don't intend to use anything else, so I hope this company grows until their products are available at Ulta. Buy them, you won't regret it!

Bouncy beauty

Let me start by saying I have only found one blender I have ever liked. When the UVE showed up in my Kinder box I decided to give it a try. I got it wet and started applying and she worked like a dream. She is very bouncy yet soft, blends makeup well. I like that she is flat on one side and comes to a nice point. My only complaint is that the purple dye comes out.

Amazing and fast shipping!

These are just as good if not better than the main blender brands. They blend concealer so beautifully and I love the antimicrobial aspect. It also arrived in 3 days with standard shipping for me!

Glam babe bundle was wham babe!

I really enjoy the quality and softness of these brushes, using them feels Luxurious on my skin. The cute makeup pouch is a plus. I can store the brushes there if I travel somewhere and when I take them out to use my family might be a little jelly of me which can be fun. I adore these brushes.

Great product

Great quality, applies makeup on well, must try

Love them. But I bought

Love them. But I bought more than I received. I bought extras for my friends to try but I only got 3. Don't understand what happened.
These sponges as I call them are soft and u can apply makeup so easily. The product is excellent!

Worth ALL the Hype!!!!!

Worth ALL the Hype!!!!!


Love the angle on this blender! Great for under eyes and around nostrils. I recommend these to all my friends.

Been waiting for this!

Love the size and how much easier to use. Softer and doesn't seem to absorb all my makeup, less waste and expense! Knowing it's antimicrobial is a huge plus for me too. Have already recommended to friends.

Great blender

This is the perfect blender. Soft and bouncy. Extremely easy to clean. Low maintenance but does a great job at blending makeup seamlessly.

Gave present to my daughter

Gave present to my daughter she loves it

Love the size

Love the size

Glow On Bundle
Ani D.
Really clean

Really clean

Lucky U - Lunar New Year Special Collection
Ani D.
Wanted the special

Wanted the special

They are great quality and

They are great quality and so soft

Glow On Bundle
Tabitha M.
Love it

I really like that this bundle comes with both kinds of blenders. And i love how roomy the pouch is.

My new favorite Blender

I was skeptical because I have tried different blender brands that did not compare to the BB. This is hands down the softest, bounciest, and most sanitary blender I've ever tried. Uve is now my go to brand for blending sponges. I've even given them as Christmas gifts.

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