Beyond Violet is what you can’t see, but what is ever present, everyday. It is the imagination and curiosity behind UVé- the mindset and promise to deliver exceptional to everyday. UVé embodies the power and science of nature in its most elemental and honest form - the Sun. Its element of discovery and depth, lies just past the visible spectrum - ultraviolet. This is Beyond Violet.

In 2017, we set out to bring a proven science to a new audience. UV-C sterilization systems have been used to clean life-saving medical tools for decades. If that particular science and technology is being used to clean the tools that work inside our bodies, why couldn’t we use UV-C to clean the tools that work on the surface of them? That simple curiosity brought about change. When the prism of science and technology is applied to any industry, the result is advancement - betterment. Thus, the first UVé Sterilization System was born and UVé with it. Now we stand as the next evolution in skin care and health.

To bring a new level of wellness and hygiene that empowers the cosmetics community to live clean, confident and free.

A percentage of all proceeds are donated to THORN, a non-profit organization aimed at ending human trafficking. Child sex trafficking is an unimaginable and unspeakable violation to the world’s most vulnerable children. Every child deserves to grow up safe, curious and happy. Thorn champions that vision and we proudly champion Thorn for it. To learn more about THORN, click here: