How Much Bacteria Is

Actually On Your

Makeup Products 

Buzzfeed By: Caroline Kee. April 4, 2016

Every time you touch your makeup, you transfer all the dirt and tiny little organisms on your skin into the product. The same goes for any brush or sponge applicator — all those germs will inevitably get into your makeup, too...  

Australian Woman Told 

She'll Never Walk Again From 

Not Washing Her Makeup Brushes

People Magazine By: Andrea Park. Updated April 08, 2015 

She was told she'd never walk again, but Jo Gilchrist has been making strides in her recovery!An Australian mother has been left partially paralyzed after borrowing a friend’s makeup brush...

8 Gross Things That Happen


If You Don't Clean Your 

Brushes & Sponges

By Summer Arlexis April 4, 2016 

All of your holy grail skin care products mean nothing if you're just going to slap makeup on your face with brushes hoarding weeks worth of foundation and eyeshadow. I hate to be a downer, but dirty makeup brushes and sponges can make gross things happen to good people. Just as you're keen on washing your face regularly (hopefully), your makeup tools should receive the same attention.  

Dirty Makeup Brushes 

Leads To Staph Infection

By Meghan Holohan. Aug. 11, 2017   

Several months ago, Katie Wright started feeling pain near her eyebrow and noticed a blemish. She tried not to pick at it. But after a few days, it looked bigger and uglier. It never formed a head or started shrinking so she decided to help it. When she got out of the shower, she tried popping it, hoping it would go away...