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To Children In 


Who is Thorn?

We are dedicated to making a change in the world and our friends at Thorn are here to help. We are proud to announce that UVé will donate a percentage of ALL sales to Thorn, to help end child trafficking and child sexual abuse. 

Thorn refuses to live in a world where the technology exists to help kids but simply isn’t being used. They build powerful products, lead new programs, maintain essential resources, and develop awareness campaigns to attack the issue from all sides. Technology must be part of the solution.

Child sex trafficking affects our most vulnerable children. In the US, children in the foster care system are disproportionately at greater risk for exploitation. And in the poorest countries on earth, children in desperate need of basic necessities, like food and shelter, are often especially vulnerable to traffickers.  

Together We Can Keep Children




If you would like to help end child online sexual abuse and trafficking, donate now here.