To bring a new level of wellness and hygiene that empowers the cosmetics community to live clean, confident and free.

Traditional makeup tools are exposing your skin to dangerous infections

70 to 90 percent of all used products are contaminated with bacteria. 

When bacteria forms a parasitic association with other organisms, they are called pathogens which are responsible for a number of very serious diseases and infections. This is where the issue lies. When bacteria collects on our makeup tools, we give them an environment ripe for growth. Then we create a vicious cycle of transferring that bacteria onto our faces without even realizing it. Pink eye, Staph Infection, Stye, Herpes, and Acne are just a few infections you can develop from being exposed to even a small amount of bacteria. 

Healthy skin starts with clean beauty tools 

The simplest way to protect your skin against harmful bacteria is to keep your beauty tools clean. It's simple, but not many people have paid enough attention to the potential danger of putting dirty tools on their face. We believe that clean beauty tools should be a new standard in the beauty space so everyone can look and feel their best.

By combining simple scientific fact with the highest quality materials, design and ingredient available, we focus on making beauty products that stay clean longer and elevate any makeup look. Every UVé product is developed, tested, and perfected not only by professional makeup artists but also dermatologists and everyday makeup users to ensure the best quality.

The UVé process is ever-evolving and driven by constant change, imagination, curiosity and results - all driven by the ambition to achieve better for overall human well-being.