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Pro Complexion Brush - Rebranded UVe Beauty
Pro Complexion Brush - Rebranded UVe Beauty
Pro Complexion Brush - Rebranded UVe Beauty
Pro Complexion Brush - Rebranded UVe Beauty
Pro Antimicrobial Complexion Brush U02
Pro Complexion Brush - Rebranded UVe Beauty

The compacted bristles of U02 Complexion apply

your makeup quickly + helps keep skin clearer



The UVÉ Beauty Professional Series brushes are a game-changer when it comes to elevating your makeup application skills and all your makeup looks. Each brush has been carefully designed to have the superior quality and performance that professionals expect while being available to any makeup lover.


Quality and Performance: This professional makeup brush is handcrafted with the latest technologies in nano-synthetic fibers that replicate real hair and are specifically designed for optimal performance. These brushes undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, precision and longevity. The superior quality of the brush bristles enables seamless makeup application and effortless blending, making it easier to achieve professional-looking results. 

Precision and Control: The bristle density and flexibility allow for better control over product placement, ensuring that you can precisely apply and blend makeup exactly where you want it.

Flawless Blending: This brush is designed to pick up the right amount of product and distribute it evenly, resulting in smooth, well-blended finishes that can enhance the overall appearance of your makeup - whether it’s blending foundation for an even skin tone, blending eyeshadows for a seamless eye look, or blending blush or bronzer for a softly sculpted face.

Antimicrobial Protection: All bristles are infused with naturally derived antimicrobial properties at up to 99% bacteria-free at all times, limiting the microbes that can damage your skin and cause breakouts, acne and infections.


Up to 99% bacteria-free for less breakouts and cleaner skin

Mold resistant because mold shouldn’t be on your face

Balanced design of touch and density keeps makeup in place

Silky-soft bristles deliver a dreamy, effortless application

Copper ferrules for added cleanliness, durability and control

Solid wood handles adds density for professional control and precision

8 coats of paint that leaves a lasting finish

Vegan and cruelty-free always


The complexion brush is used to apply liquid, or cream products to the face for a smooth and even complexion. To use, dip the brush into your product of choice, blend the product outward using circular motions.


Q:  How often should I clean my makeup brushes?

A: Experts recommend that you clean your makeup brushes once a week to maintain performance, ensure hygiene, and prevent the buildup of product residue and bacteria. While our bristles are antimicrobial, if too much residue buildup occurs it creates a separation between the bacteria and the brush's active antimicrobial properties.

Q: What is the best way to clean my makeup brushes?

A: Gentle hand washing is usually the best way to preserve your brushes. First wet the bristles under lukewarm water. Apply mild soap or brush cleaner on the palm of your hand or silicone cleaning pad. Swirl the brush head lightly creating a lather. Repeat as necessary. Cleanse and wash the soap out fully from the brush head. Squeeze out any excess water and place your brush on a dry towel for drying. For instant cleaning and quick reuse, you can use Easy Instant Brush Cleaner from UVÉ Beauty.

Q: How often should I replace my makeup brushes?

A: While this depends on individual use and care, there are a few signs to look to help determine if brushes need to be replaced. They are: shedding and fraying of bristles, loss of shape or density, unpleasant odor, persistent residue and excessive wear and tear.

Q: Can I use the same brush for cream and powder products?

A: Yes! for best results, clean your brush bristles when switching makeup product to minimize residue that can affect the application and color of your makeup. 

Q: How do I reshape misshapen makeup brush bristles?

A: The best way we have found to reshape brushes back to their original shape is simply to give them a good cleaning with proper drying. Use your fingers or a brush comb to reshape the bristles gently before laying out to dry.

Q: What if I don't love my UVÉ Beauty brushes?

A: Our return rate is less than 1 in a 1,000 but if for some reason you don't love our products simply return them within 30 days of your purchase date. Please include a copy of your invoice, so we can find your order and we'll refund you the full price of the product (excludes shipping).


our tools are clean and eco-friendly,

but customers love their results the most

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Up to 99% bacteria-free


Silky nano-synthetic bristles

Copper ferrules

8 coats of paint

Solid wood handles

Esthetician recommended

Balanced design




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